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SHR Horizon's Cheers to Change JH DS CGC


DOB: 10/22/2022

SS38016801 / R325-769

Weight: 55 lbs.

Pedigree: Click Here

Health Clearances:

​Toast is located in Winston-Salem, NC and is available to the perfect home. Please call Emily for more information. 336-223-3647

Asking $6,500


About Toast

Toast is a very talented dog with a lot of potential. Toast is half american field lines and half british field lines and exhibits some of the best qualities of both. Toast has a fantastic attitude, absolutely loves to work and is incredibly cooperative. She is a true team player, loves to please, and can handle pressure but doesn’t need much. Toast is a high-drive dog but very clear-headed, even in drive.

Toast is crate trained, potty trained, and has lived her whole life in a home with a professional trainer. She is clean and quiet in the house and in the car. She is a high-energy dog and can be sometimes be restless inside (carrying toys around, pushing other dogs to play with her, begging for attention), but is easily manageable and will go lay down when told to. She really loves people and LOVES to be close/get pets and attention. She has been around hundreds of other dogs and gets along easily with everyone. She is left uncrated in the house while I am gone and is very well-behaved.

Toast is a repeat breeding with the first breeding being highly successful. A female from the first litter passed the fall Grand at 2 years old (

Toast is up-to-date on vaccines, is healthy, and has been fed premium dog food throughout her life. She is easy to trim her nails and is cooperative for having her teeth brushed.

Toast is a truly wonderful dog with a ton of potential, but is highly active and is only available to a perfect home that will give her plenty of outlets for her energy and drive. She has had significant training and time invested in her and her price reflects that.


Toast has been collar conditioned, force fetched, has been through land T and water T and is running simple cold blinds on land and in water. She runs marks 2-4x per week and has seen a variety of scenarios. She loves water (can't keep her out of the water in the summer, was swimming for fun when it was 13 degrees this winter), can do doubles with a great memory, has started some delayed triples and is quiet and steady at the line. She loves to do upland hunting and has experience with flushing quail, chukar, and pheasants.

Toast easily passed both of her AKC Junior Hunter tests with live flyers at 7 months old.

Toast has high toy and food drive and will do anything for either. She has thoroughly enjoyed dock diving (distance jump PB 16’11” and air retrieve PB 12’) and won her first AKC Scent work class (novice interiors).

Toast has fantastic obedience include a super solid recall, can place for duration, sit/down/stay, and a great heel. She has spent endless hours heeling in difference environments around all sorts of distractions and is incredibly neutral. She frequents dog-friendly coffee shops, restaurants, breweries, etc. and has no problem settling on her own without being in a command.

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