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04/30/2023 - AKC Scent Work

Envy competed in her first AKC scent work event hosted by the Brylin Obedience School. Envy went 6/6, earning Qs in each of her searches and earning her first scentwork titles in Novice Interiors and Novice Exteriors! She also earned two first places and a fourth place. 

04/24/2023- AKC Hunt Test

Over the weekend Blitz and Honey competed in the Carolina Retriever Association AKC Hunt Test. Both girls passed both of their tests, going 4/4 in Junior Hunter and earning their Junior Hunter titles! We are so proud of their hard work and accomplishment! 

04/15/2023 - AKC Hunt Test

Ember and Honey competed in the Yadkin River Waterfowl Retriever Club AKC Hunt test over the weekend and passed all of their tests! Ember passed both of her senior tests and Honey passed both of her first junior tests! 

04/08/2023 - AKC Scent Work

Ember competed in her third scent work event hosted by the Winston Salem dog Training Club. She went 6/6 earning two titles, placements and each class, and Qs in her first exterior and first advanced searches! 
Container Advanced 1st/12
Container Advanced 1st/11
Interior Advanced 1st/12
Interior Advanced 2nd/11
Exterior Novice 1st/10
Exterior Novice 2nd/10

3/11/2022 - AKC Spaniel Test

Both Ember and Envy competed in their second AKC Spaniel Test. Envy earned 2 more Junior passes, going 4/4 and earning her Junior Hunter Upland title! Ember earned her 2nd Master pass and also earned the Gun Award for Saturday! Super proud of both of these girls for a fantastic showing! 

11/20/2022 - AKC Spaniel Test

Ember and Envy competed in an AKC Spaniel Upland Test over the weekend and both did super! Ember earned 1 Master Hunter pass and Envy earned 2 Junior Hunter passes. We are super proud of these girls for being such versatile gun dogs! 
2022-210 4.JPG
2022-211 4.JPG

11/07/2022 - AKC Scent Work

Ember competed in her first scent work trial and did a super job! She Q'ed in all 6 events over the weekend, earning her Scent Work Interior Novice and Scent Work Container Novice titles! She really enjoyed interiors and earned a first and third place, too! We are excited to try more scent work in the future! 

10/15/2022 - HRC Titles

Althea, Ember and Envy ran in the Cherokee Foothills test over the weekend. Ember passed both of her seasoned tests, earning her Hunting Retriever title! Envy passed both of her started tests, earning her Started Hunting Retriever Title! Emily and Althea ran in finished for the first time, and earned their first finished pass!

9/17/2022 - HRC Passes

This weekend Ember and Envy competed in the East Carolina's Hunting Retriever Club test. Ember ran in seasoned for the first time and passed both days. Envy ran in started for the first time and also passed both days! 

6/26/2022 - Dock Senior

Ember attended her first North American Diving Dog event this weekend and had a blast! She jumped 6 times for an average of 18'1" in the distance jump, earning her the title of Dock Senior. Her new personal best is 19'4"! 

4/3/2022 - CGCU + CGCA

Congrats to Ember for earning her CGC Urban and CGC Community Canine titles! These aren't super challenging tests and are skills that all dogs should have in public. If you take your dog with you (or would like to!) to places like dog friendly coffee shops, breweries, restaurants, etc., the skills these tests require should be a breeze. If you're struggling with some of these behaviors, like walking through a crowd on a loose leash, down stays, recall, good behavior around people and dogs, etc., reach out! We would love to help you have the well-behaved dog you can enjoy taking with you in public. 

3/20/2022 - Murphy Started Passes

A big congrats to our client Devin and his GSP Murphy for their 2 started passes at the East Carolina HRC Test. This was their first HRC event and we are super proud of them and all their hard work. Way to go, Devin and Murphy! 

3/7/2022 - Upland Hunter

Congrats to Ember for going 4/4 this weekend at the Carolina Boykin Spaniel Retriever Club Upland Quad. This makes 6 upland passes for Ember and her HRC Upland Hunter Title. At just shy of 14 months, we are super proud of her! 
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