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Honey x Bo

Flatwater's Beelievably Sweet JH CGC

DOB: 05/15/2021

SS26310308 / R328-308

Weight: 50 lbs.

Pedigree: Click Here

Health Clearances: OFA LINK

  • Hips: Excellent (LR-269219E24F-P-VPI)

  • Elbows: Normal (LR-EL116557F24-P-VPI)

  • Eyes: Clear (LR-EYE28328/25F-VPI)

  • Heart: Normal (LR-BCA2450/24F/P-VPI)

  • Genetic: Clear through Embark

  • Copper Toxicosis ATP7B: Clear



DOB: 09/03/2019

SS15287208 / R328-496

Weight: 82 lbs.

Pedigree: Click Here

Health Clearances: OFA LINK

  • Hips: Good (LR-257462G24M-VPI)

  • Elbows: Normal (LR-EL105640M24-VPI)

  • Eyes: Clear (LR-EYE23419/23M-PI)

  • Genetic: Clear through Embark

About Honey
Honey is as sweet as they come! She is cooperative, wants to please, and has pure intentions. 

Honey is a companion that lives in our house, but also enjoys work. She has a fantastic attitude and always finds a way to making training fun. She is a great marking dog, is quiet and calm at the line, and enjoys water. She is a real natural in the upland field and thoroughly enjoys flushing. She also enjoys dock diving, scent work, and hanging out at dog-friendly restaurants and coffee shops.

Honey has a great off-switch in the house and is just as happy to cuddle on the couch as she is to retrieve ducks. Honey LOVES people and is fantastic with kids. She thoroughly enjoys affection and never likes to be too far away from her people. 

Honey can be somewhat reserved in new environments and is dog neutral. 

Honey has moderate food and toy drive and has low to moderate energy levels. 

Honey is an incredibly kind girl that has a wonderful temperament and makes an ideal hunting companion

Titles: JH CGC (2/2 SHR passes)

About Bo 

Bo is a team player, an incredible marking dog, handles great, awesome temperament, with a great “off switch." Bo is a strong 82 lbs and moves with a purpose. He has retrieved well over 600 birds in the field hunting, has a great demeanor at hunt tests, and loves to snuggle with his 2 year old boy when he isn’t chasing ducks. He is steady and quiet on the line and in the hunting blind. When Bo is not hunting or training he stays inside and is a full time family companion.

Titles: HRCH SH (4/4 MH passes)

All yellow litter expected Autumn 2023

From this litter, we expect quality companion gundogs! Whether your intention is to hunt upland or waterfowl, compete in hunt tests, participate in sports such as dock diving or scent work, or have an ideal family companion, this litter would be a fantastic choice! 

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